MES Transactions Simplified

SFXPRESS is a web based solution to record shop floor activities and labor.SFXPRESS comprises two main modules in the areas of Production count reporting and Scrap details reporting.

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Business Challenges
Manual Production count Reporting

In an environment where machines are not connected to the ERP system, operators rely on paper job cards, which have old information or incorrect information. It is time consuming to update the Machine/Line PPM information. It requires printed copies which tend to waste paper if the information printed is wrong.

Complex Procedure for Downtime Analysis

Machine downtime analysis is critical for Production planning. It helps take necessary actions to rectify the root cause and making sure that machines can run at their best capacity.

Manual Data Entry into ERP

All Job cards are being entered Manually into ERP for reporting to Management. It is time consuming and cannot be managed real time. Any Information required to make business decisions is based on manual entries, which is error prone.

Benefits of Analytics Solution

SFXPRESS allows operators to enter the job card information online. All information related to Part and Machine are up to date and Operators can finish data entry 80% faster then paper job cards. Managers have the ability to approve the counts online and make sure no one is doing any mistakes. It allows the approval workflow to be maintained. All Job cards are visible to the Production Manager in realtime after every shift. The application can be integrated to most of the ERPs for seamless transaction flow so reporting can be done immediately for higher Management

Job ticket Scanning

One step scanning of Bar coded information to populate Job ticket details on entry screen avoiding multiple keystrokes

Supervisor review

All job tickets and down time reported for the shifts are reviewed and approved by assigned Supervisors.

Scrap ticket reporting

Record shop floor waste and scrap with various reason code which in then taken as input data for weekly scrap analysis

Down time reporting

Down times are reported along with scanning of Job tickets. More than one downtime reason can be entered for a single Job ticket.

ERP Integration

Integration with any ERP system for reporting of production and scrap information for every shift. Routing , Product Structure and Part master data extracted out of ERP system are loaded into SFXPRESS for data integrity check in the application.

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