Simple solution for last mile Vendor Payment processing

Payment XPRESS called PAYXPRESS, is the simple solution for last mile vendor payment processing. PAYXPRESS is a standalone app designed on XPRESS platform which can easily be integrated with APXPRESS – Accounts Payable Solution and MDMXPRESS – Master Data Management Solution, also connects/integrates with any ERP to complete the payment to vendor cycle.

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Business Challenges
Customer Self-Service

XPRESS TECHNOLOGIES gives customers the self-service options needed to make quick online payments with cards or direct debit (e.g., ACH, SEPA).

PCI Compliance

Concerns about security compliance? Not with XPRESS TECHNOLOGIES. We're proud to say our payment solution is PCI compliant.

Payment & Beyond

XPRESS TECHNOLOGIES is flexible enough to automate other areas of AR, including invoice delivery, collections & more.

Get Paid with in Seconds

Want to get paid faster? It's simple — offer quicker invoice payment methods. With XPRESS TECHNOLOGIES, your customers can choose from a variety of options to make payments without delay, including: Credit and debit card payment (e.g., American Express, Visa, Mastercard), direct debit (e.g., ACH, SEPA, BACS, ACSS, etc.) and more. Your customers can even set up auto pay or schedule payment at the appropriate date.

Achieve 100% Visibility on Payments

With gives customers the self-service options needed , you'll always know exactly when an invoice payment is made thanks to the ability to follow the status of the transaction — it's all just a click away! Users can also quickly reconcile what has been paid with sales document references (e.g., invoice, order, etc.).

Benefit from Global Coverage

For U.S. payment capabilities, XPRESS TECHNOLOGIES got you covered thanks to dedicated local partners. Internationally, our global network of providers, including our partnership with Stripe, provides online payment in more than 40 countries and 135 currencies within Europe, the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Asia.

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